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Pick your essential event technology.
It’s the biggest event of your year. If the event’s budget were a car, what would it be?
Show us your budgeting skillz. If money is tight, but you need mo’ event technology, what do you do?
EMERGENCY! It’s 24-hours before your event and you discover a major printing error. What do you do??
It’s the night before the event. How do you relax?
Game day. Pick your “can’t live without” event planner essential.
#PlannerProblem! You killed it and your event runneth over with attendees – twice as many as expected! What do you do?!
Tell us, how tech savvy are you?
Sweet relief, the event’s OVER! Pick your post-event decompression of choice.

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Secret weapon Maestro Natural Trendsetter

[[FirstName]], the results are in! You are...

[[FirstName]], the results are in! You are...

[[FirstName]], the results are in! You are...

[[FirstName]], the results are in! You are...





"How did we manage to pull this off?" they ask. Because of you, that’s how. Short timelines? Tight budget? No problem. That’s just par for the course. Your scrappy creativity delivers the “wow” no matter what. But your ingenuity? It’s often underappreciated and sometimes you slide under the radar and don’t get the credit you deserve. So on event day, when Murphy’s Law strikes, folks don’t always recognize the quiet genius it took to keep things under control.

You hear that? That beautiful melody is the sound of your one-of-a-kind event going off without a hitch. How do you do it? As the Maestro, you’re a born organizer with an eye for details. Creativity? Sure, you’re creative. But more important than creativity, it’s your flawless leadership and coaching that make your events deliver the "wow." So on event day, when Murphy’s Law strikes, there’s no need to panic. You know you and your team are ready for anything.

Bosses, clients, sponsors, attendees. When they think of you, one phrase comes to mind: Born for event planning. Cool under pressure and fast with solutions, you’re the one they all count on to make things happen. Creative ideas? You’ve got ‘em. Details? Resource management? You’ve got those handled too. So when the big day arrives, and Murphy’s Law kicks into overdrive, there’s no need to panic. Everyone can relax – you’ve got things under control.

Wow. When attendees leave your events, it’s the one word on the tip of their tongue. In your book, bigger = better. And when you’re planning events, you shoot for the moon. Details? Details, shmetails. That’s what the team is for. So on event day, when Murphy’s Law rears its head, you don’t sweat the small stuff. After all, you’re busy blowing people’s minds.

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